Blazor Events

In this article, we will explore events in Blazor,

Events are executed in the response of interaction, for example, click event fires when we click on particular control of webpage or OnChange event fires when we change the value of dropdown or change in checkbox selection.

Let’s check out the example below which contains the onclick event on the delete button and onchange event on radio button selection which will display and hides the delete buttons.


@page “/”@inherits ProductlistBase<h3>Productlist</h3>@if (Products == null){<div class=”spinner”></div>}else{<div><input type=”checkbox” value=”Select Option” @onchange=”@(()=>displayButton=!displayButton)”/><br/>@foreach (var product in Products){<span>Product Id: @product.productId</span><span>Product Name: @product.ProductName</span>@if (displayButton){<button type=”button” name=”Delete” @onclick=”DeleteProduct”>Delete</button>}<br/>}</div>}


using EmployeeManagement.Web.Services;using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components;using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Threading.Tasks;namespace EmployeeManagement.Web.Pages{public class ProductlistBase:ComponentBase{[Inject]public IProductService productService { get; set; }public IEnumerable<Product> Products { get; set; }public bool displayButton { get; set; } = false;protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync(){Products = (await productService.GetProducts()).ToList();}public void DeleteProduct(){Console.WriteLine(“Testing”);}}}

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Technical Speaker | Computer Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer | ML Enthusiast | * Knowledge Shared = Knowledge² *

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Vaibhav Bhapkar

Vaibhav Bhapkar

Technical Speaker | Computer Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer | ML Enthusiast | * Knowledge Shared = Knowledge² *

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