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Back again with a new article, this article is a bit different from the previous article because here I will tell my preparation guide for the AZ-204 exam with some of the notes which I created while studying for this exam,

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Exam Overview:

AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam focuses on developing a solution using Microsoft Azure resources. It covers all the aspects of application includes development, deployment, maintenance, performance & monitoring.

The exam covers the five modules as below,

Develop Azure compute solutions (25–30%)

Develop for Azure storage (10–15%)

Implement Azure security (15–20%)

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (10–15%)

Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (25–30%)

This exam covers the aspects of developing resources with C# or language of your choice you need to be proficient or known to all the commands of Azure CLI & Powershell to work with Azure resources.

Exam Pattern:

You can expect 50 to 60 questions in your exam with 120 minutes to solve that questions. 10 questions in your exam are based on the case studies( 2 case studies each having 5 questions). Some section of questions in the exam is grouped where you are not allowed to go back to the previous question once submitted as all of that group question are related and dependent on each other.

Exam Expectation:

This exam is not like AZ-900 where only basic knowledge/theory about resources help you to pass this exam here for AZ-204 you need a lot of practice, Coding experience & hands-on experience. Deploy the Azure resources on the portal and through commands to get an overview of each resource.

Here are a few tips to be conscious of before sitting for this exam.

  • Cover all the Microsoft Learn modules including the exercises provided through Microsoft learn sandbox.
  • Attend some of the practice tests to test your knowledge of resources.

Please check out some of my notes on resources that will be useful in the exam,

Resources to follow:

Learning path-

Practice Test-

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